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Before this campaign, NIIT University had never invested in advertising a niche course as our M. Tech in GIS & this required a well-thought though strategy on a) Identifying our TG b) Educating our TG c) Keeping them engaged d) Converting a few of them to apply to our program. Via regular analysis and their pro-active strategies, Yash & Deepthi worked towards turning this campaign into a success.
Head of Marketing
NIIT University
GenY Medium sets itself apart from the other run-of-the-mill agencies with their consulting approach and with their laser sharp focus on ROI focused metrics and marketing techniques
Head of Business Development
We started working with GenY Medium from the very beginning and we are glad to have grown together. As healthcare is considered a traditional sector, we were skeptical about the ROI from online but today a good part of our customer discovery happens through the digital channels. The strength of the team lies in coming up with innovative ideas for generating new ways to discover potential customers and using analytics to precisely measure the ROI on marketing spends. We are happy to have a Digital Marketing partner who understands the needs of a growing organization and works diligently to help us achieve our business goals.

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