When it comes to emotional appeal – P&G takes it to the next level!

Apr 20 2012

Just sit back and enjoy this P&G ad dedicated to moms, the biggest consumer of P&G products. GenY Medium is doing its bit to make this go viral!

Blogging – a vital ingredient in your social media calendar

Apr 13 2012

To all those who wonder what good does blogging do for a business, here is team GenY Medium’s next infographic. More blogs directly relates to more leads and therefore more sales. Moreover, this reflects thought leadership (and we hope this blog is helping us there too!) of the publisher/writer.

And then again, how does one ensure that a blog comes out well and is effective? Its simple silly! – keep it impersonal and make it reflect the writer’s passion on the topic. Team GenY Medium’s advice – never fake it!



War of the Smart Phones – Lumia surges ahead

Apr 11 2012

In continuation of the earlier post, where we discussed how the smart phones are faring against each other on social media, we predicted a significant change for Nokia because of their Nokia Lumia campaign. Especially, the video content seemed to be engaging consumers much more than the others.

Turns out that other experts feel the same way! “Blown away by Lumia” has gone viral. Videos of local pitch-battles between Samsung/Blackberry and Nokia Lumia phones have been uploaded and shared zillions of times! Here is a report from the Economic Times describing the viral effect.

Enjoy a few youtube uploads by Nokia of how Lumia is ‘blowing away’ other smart phones. More hope that Nokia will capture market share, especially because of the successful social media campaign!


Exclusive access to something valuable can add to consumer engagement

Apr 07 2012

GenY Medium’s social media analytics on the top liquor brands shows how Smirnoff is increasing consumer engagement by providing exclusive access to Madonna’s music for its facebook fans. See the infographic produced with data on Jack Daniel’s, Smirnoff and Corona. Something for social media marketers to think about – is there something exclusive you could give away to your fans to drive engagement? Something not expensive, yet exclusive??