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If you cannot measure it, you can’t mend it

Promising well defined, quantified results & measuring ourselves against those promises is our firm’s DNA. We use sophisticated tools to suggest what changes in strategy, targeting or communication needs to be made.

Improvement can only follow performance measurement. Our processes emphasize measuring each aspect of our digital marketing so that your campaigns and our skills keep improving every day. We believe that unless we can measure every aspect of digital marketing we cannot learn, make amends and evolve. We use state of the art tools to quantify the performance of our campaigns and the quality of our results, thereby showing a tangible improvement every day and over competition.

Social analytics

We have partnered with patent protected social analytics providers who enable us to understand whether our communication on social media is engaging enough, what content types or genres work better than the others and who amongst the audience is more engaged with what the brand has to say. Knowing this detail provides marketers in our team to design campaigns which are more engaging and importantly engage the right audience. Social analytics is an integral part of how we devise and execute social media marketing for our customers.


Our analytics experts are always on top of who visited your website, how much time did they spend, where do they come from, what content did they interact with and whether they transacted or not. Essentially, every single measure you’d like to know about how consumers of your brand are interacting with what you have put out through your website. All of our analytics team members are Google Certified.

The data on analytics are used as input by our marketing team to recommend changes to the digital spend strategy, structural improvements for your brand’s website and other interventions necessary to perk up performance.

Advertising analytics

Besides generating great leads for your business or getting transactions going for your brand we help you understand how this jigsaw of online advertising works. We simply the technicalities and present analytics for management consumption through our custom analytics reports. How much money was invested, what business did it lead to and how does the ROI compare versus budget or other channels – all of these and more get answered in the simplest manner possible. These reports could be as frequent and as detailed as you would like.

From our analytics we also derive insights and action steps to improve the performance of our digital campaigns. Decisions on platforms, form of advertising, spend amounts and optimization measures are made using the analytics data. This is also our way to stay true to our word and keep improving every day!

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