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Building advocacy

Let the world see those great testimonials

We use technology to amplify the good buzz about your brand. Real testimonials scoured from all over the internet and then showcased before the consumers. No better way to build advocacy

Building a positive perception for your brand in minds of your consumers requires enabling advocacy. Through our technology tie-ups we provide tools to help showcase real consumers who have come forth with positive testimonials about your brand. We also create custom advocacy solutions and loyalty programs to strengthen your brand.

Testimonial board

With our technology partner, Readypulse, we deliver a testimonial showcase, bringing together positive testimonials about your brand at places where these could make a difference. You can place this testimonial showcase widget on your homepage, shopping cart or any other part of the website where showcasing the positive buzz about your brand makes a difference.

The technology also enables brands to incentivize consumers to express their feelings about the brand and the brand experience. No better ROI than a positive comment from a brand advocate. Allow us to enable this solution for you.

Customer loyalty solutions

We help design and deliver loyalty programs for your brand’s consumers. Our solution can be deployed on social platforms where fans are provided incentives to express and engage with your brand. Designing loyalty solutions includes determining the weightage for different activities which a consumer performs on a social platform (for example, likes, comments or sharing content), customer referrals and participating in specific brand promotions.

If you wish to have a holistic loyalty solution as part of your marketing campaign, rely on our team’s experience to deliver that for your brand.

Identify brand ambassadors on social

Use our technology to identify the most valuable brand ambassadors for your brand! Our methodology combines the influence score of a potential ambassador and his engagement with your brand. The better the influence and the deeper the engagement level with the brand, the higher the value of this potential ambassador. The identified ‘brand ambassadors’ can be incentivized to share their passion for your brand, helping you reach out to the right target group for your brand in the most personable manner.

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