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Email marketing

What use are emails if the recipient is not right?

We have partnered with the best email database providers who deliver your brand’s message to the right audience. Our email analytics provide insights on how to better communicate with your consumers.

Your digital armory is incomplete without one of the most widely used, under-appreciated mode of marketing communication – emailers. Emailers have evolved significantly over time and so has our competence. Emailers need to come through the spam filters, look consumable across platforms and carry value adding content (versus just promotions).

Deciding when to use emailers and the form of these emailers

We help you think through whether emailers are a valuable communication mode, depending on the category you operate in and your marketing objectives. Based on our experience, we help decide the frequency of the emailers, depending on the context of these emailers and our understanding of the audience for the emailers.

The form of emailers can be very different depending on the category. Our consumer across industry verticals as well as audience profiles helps us deliver the exact form of emailers which could work. For example, an exclusive luxury watches would require a completely different form of emailers versus a high school education brand. We understand these nuances and are equipped to help your brand communicate in the best possible way through emailers

We help devise the right content strategy for your emailers

Emailers are often abused as promotion-only channels. Coupons, discounts, sales are the most frequent themes. Not surprisingly a larger percentage of consumers unsubscribe with every email shot. Our strategy combines informational content with some emailers which are promotional. We help decide the mix of such emailers and curate the right content in a manner best suited for your marketing and branding goals.

Emailers for lead nurturing

Our email strategy works in tandem with other aspects of digital marketing. If we are running a lead generation campaign, we deploy emailers to nurture the leads through email communication. If we are running a twitter drive for your brand, we fire the drive up using emailers as well. We use emailers in tandem with all aspects of your online and offline brand initiatives. No set formula or cookie-cutter approach works better than a customize email strategy which our team tailors for your brand

Responsive emailers

Are your emails mobile ready? Since emails are getting consumed on mobile, your older emailer designs might not be the right option today. Concise content which loads up smoothly on smaller screen sizes and has features which are device independent are critical. Our designs are responsive, which means better open rates, click throughs and responses for your emailers regardless of where they are accessed from!

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