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Understand how well your social media campaigns are performing, who your brand advocates are and which content type is working for you. GenY Medium is an exclusive partner for the patent protected Readypulse technology for the Indian subcontinent.

We add the technological edge to your campaigns by using Readypulse’s patent protected technology bringing out insights which would otherwise go unnoticed. If you started with an aim to target a certain type of consumers, we can help analyze whether the most actively engaged users are from that consumer type or not. If you are using different content genres or themes, measure which type works better than others. Importantly, see how your brand’s value changes over time based on the engagement levels and reach and how it performs versus competition. All of this is valuable information for a brand manager trying to look for cues to take the brand to the next level.

Understand your brand advocates

Understand who your brand’s advocates are using our analytics. Reward them, respond to them, and understand what they have to say about your brand and initiatives. The patented methodology combines the influence, contribution and consistency of contribution of your fans on your social pages to combine with the advocacy score for each fan. You can then use the data to analyze who are you really engaging with.

Rank your content to check what works and what doesn’t!

Understand which content type works better than others through the content scoring methodology of Readypulse. The technology ranks each content based on the number of fans engaged and the level of engagement. This helps fine tune the conversation plan or the marketing communication strategy, leaving our subjectivity in making such choices.

Comparison versus competition

No marketing analysis can be completed without stacking your brand against competition and assessing the 'share of voice' and 'share of mind'. The equivalent in social media is social reach and social engagement. Stack your social handles versus those of competition and understand the areas for improvement.

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