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Be on top of the buzz about brand

Want to know the good, bad & ugly being mentioned about your brands. ReputePro (TM) is an AI based tool to help you track your brand online! Automate your online reputation management process with us.

Being on top of the buzz around your brand is a necessity today, given that most being said is in digital mediums. Digital enables viral spread. Therefore, the good, bad & ugly being said about your brand travels far and wide, and in no time! Our technology, helps you understand, analyze and respond to this buzz, real time!

Where’s the buzz?

Our technology covers over 95% of the buzz on your brand by covering all the major social platforms as well as complaint & review boards. This ensures that all that is being said about your brand – rave reviews or rant, is fully covered. The platforms covered as on date include facebook, twitter, Mouthshut, Consumercomplaints, complaint board and Grahakseva.

What's the buzz about?

Our AI based sentiment analysis engine helps determine whether a comment or post about your brand is positive, negative or neutral, automatically. This helps us to alert you to take action on burning issues or to encourage your brand’s fans at the right time. Comments in Hindi? No problem! Our engine works on a mix of languages as well, providing highly accurate sentiment analysis.

Our visual representation of the buzz helps understand the leading root-cause of a positive or negative sentiment. This can help you address issues pro-actively.

Buzz volume – Is your buzz volume good enough?

We enable a side-by-side comparison of your brand’s buzz versus your competition. This helps you understand the competitive context and establish benchmarks and success metrics for yourself. Compare how far ahead (or behind) your brand is versus your competition. Get, set go!

Reporting on the buzz

Get interactive reports where you can slice & dice the data by platform, sentiment or by dates. Request custom reports which we enable for you. Our custom reports on social listening get to deep insights, separating the signal from the noise!

Response services

We deploy 24/7 brand response services for your brand. Get to less than an hour to response service level for your brand through our brand response service. We help you define the response strategy, escalation mechanisms, taking that last mile burden away from you.

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